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A massive malware attack by TrendMicro’s security analytics team has enabled thousands of people around the world to create a sophisticated network of cryptocurrencies. TrendMicro’s latest blog details the recently discovered but unreasonable version, which says the new version “could take over the system to extract Monero cryptocurrencies and steal sensitive browser data such as passwords and cookies.”

This Glupteba malware feature exploits the well-known security breach in MicroTik routers to replace the target SOCKS proxy machine. This allows an attacker to be exposed to common spam attempts that could endanger Instagram users. According to the TrendMicro team, the infection has an operating system.

The use of sophisticated hacker technology in the blockchain ecosystem is not new. New technologies, such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain, are facing new challenges that must be constantly overcome.

bitcoin value

Blockchain technology is now entering an era of transformation – the launch of the Bitcoin network in 2009 was the first iteration of Blockchain technology, but the same solutions that worked ten years ago will not work today. Scalability, security, and transaction throughput are important issues that need to be addressed before the blockchain ecosystem can be developed.

ILCoin’s RIFT protocol represents the next step towards a truly decentralized future that solves each of these problems through a unique approach to blockchain technology. To provide blockchain networks for storing blocks and information, RIFT launches blockchain technology and forms the basis for the next generation of decentralized platforms.

RIFT is a protocol designed to create endless blockchain capabilities. RIFT not only provides advanced use cases and functionality for cryptocurrency applications, but also installs a system that integrates blockchain technology into everyday life. The next version of the RIFT blockchain will allow the platform to reduce security risks while solving important problems such as cost, size reduction, speed, privacy and data storage on the network.

In the era of evolution, right evolution
Products, services, and platforms that attempt to use blockchain technology are currently prohibited by a number of restrictions that prevent blockchain integration, such as increasing the speed of modern blockchain networks, slow transaction times, or the inability to store large amounts of data. Over time, various solutions have been proposed to solve these problems, but some of them are effective.

Many enterprises have chosen offline data storage due to the risk of hacking third-party data. Others resort to hybrid solutions, such as IPFS, which currently do not have enterprise-level functionality. However, the main advantages of the RIFT ILCoin protocol are based on the fundamental principle of blockchain technology. The RIFT protocol draws the fractal principles of blocking the architecture, creating the second level of “mini-blocks”, which greatly expands the possibilities of data storage.

Using the RIFT communication protocol, blockchain networks can significantly speed up transaction time and safely store data on the network through a unique block socket structure. Data protection in the RIFT protocol is guaranteed, since all transmitted or stored data is fully encrypted.

The main achievement of RIFT is the use of “mini-blocks” for storing large amounts of network data. Each RIFT mini-block size is set to 25 MB, which contains blocks per layer. The ILCoin development team has tested the 1.5 GB block size pretty well, and recently they also successfully tested a 5 GB block.

The RIFT protocol is synchronized asynchronously with the mini-block. Mini blocks have tooltips for other mini blocks. This communication structure allows nodes to synchronize with each other decentrally. The RIFT protocol fundamentally changes the way data is managed in blockchain networks, allowing them to be stored in an integrated database.

The possibilities are endless
The RIFT protocol allows us to substantially reformulate how blockchain technology is used both in corporate applications and in everyday life. The RIFT protocol was not designed for simple transactional operations, but should be part of various “solutions” or enterprise systems such as ILCoin decentralized cloud block chain (DCB).

ILCoin Decentralized Cloud Blockchain (DCB) is a new approach to managing blockchain networks and data storage. Modern blockchain networks

Know how to find the best Leh Ladakh travel package

If you are planning a vacation with your family, Leh Ladakh may be a good option for you. This is a well-known tourist place located in India, which can attract thousands of tourists every year. This place is located in the northern part of India, which is located in Jammu and Kashmir. Once you enter this incredible land, you will see the true beauty of nature. The high mountains that reach up to the clear blue sky, as well as the rhythmic chanting of Buddhist monks will make your vacation more relaxing and enjoyable. In addition, once you visit this place, you can get rid of your busy lifestyle and hectic work schedules. However, when you are planning or vacationing with your family, opting for a packaged trip will be the best option for you. Not only will this help you save money, it will also help you visit the best tourist places located in the area.

Ladakh is also known as the Land of Passes, as well as the Roof of the World. When you visit this land, you can also see the icy water running from the height of the glacier. This amazing land can also offer you and your family an exotic vacation experience. This is also one of the best vacation spots for adventure lovers. There are many activities that you can see and participate in this region. In addition, once you visit the land, you can enjoy the varied culture of the country. If you are interested in mountaineering in the Himalayan mountains, Gompa will be the best option for you. Many people visit this place every year just for hiking and other adventure activities. There are also activities such as rafting, wildlife tours, etc., you can participate in Ladakh.

Although you will meet many travel agencies in Ladakh, selecting the right one is very important. Researching on the web will also give you information about the different types of Leh Ladakh travel packages. The Leh Ladakh travel option welcomes you with ancient monasteries, colorful markets, picturesque trails, as well as breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains, which will be an exotic destination. If you plan to offer an unforgettable vacation for your family, this could be the best destination for you.

Key pointers for memorable tours of Cambodia

When traveling to Southeast Asia, people are often attracted to the charm of the old world of Vietnam and the unforgettable hospitality of Thailand. However, between these two countries is Cambodia, which is a truly impressive land that offers impressive attractions that should not be missed. Whether you want to visit the museum chain in Phnom Penh or explore the remains of Angkor Wat, Cambodia tours promise truly exciting and memorable adventures.

The best way to explore Cambodia is through several-day tours and several stops so you can better experience the main attractions, with a local guide who gives you a brief overview and history of the place. Since English is a language spoken everywhere in this country, you will have a memorable and relaxing time exploring the exotic corners and cracks of the country.

Arrive to and around Cambodia

There are daily flights arriving from any major destination in Asia to the capital, Phenom Penh, to organize your trips to Cambodia. In addition, there are also smaller airlines that operate and fly directly from Bangkok to Siem Reap. However, if you have a limited budget, the cheapest means of transportation to Cambodia is by bus both from Ho Chi Minh City and from Bangkok. Getting around and exploring Cambodia is really incredibly easy, as you will find that most of the locals are friendly and helpful to help you during your tour. There are also motorcycles and rickshaw available to take you around the city and its particular destinations in case you want to attack on your own at any time.

Hot spots

You will find Phnom Penh pulsing with energy, being one of the most frenetic and chaotic capitals of Asia. However, the capital of the country also presents some of the most spectacular restaurants and offers daily tours to war museums and the famous Killing Fields. Another important destination is Siem Reap, which presents an excellent starting point to explore the impressive and ancient kingdom of Angkor that has 100 jungle temples. The photos cannot justify the majestic beauty of this site that is best experienced closely and personally. If you are waiting for a refreshing getaway after seeing all the sights, you can head to Sihanoukville, which is located in the southern regions of Cambodia and houses pristine beaches that easily rival some of the best in Thailand.

Exotic food

When it comes to food, you can expect to enjoy some of the sumptuous rates of local markets that are exceptionally cheap. Be sure to try the famous Cambodian barbecues and pumpkin curries from Siem Reap. Local foods and beers are extremely cheap, so eating out is not really a big concern even for travelers on a limited budget. Rice and noodles are basic in local cuisine, along with the delicious freshwater fish. When traveling to Kep, you should try the local crab dishes recognized among the best in Asia.

When to schedule visits to Cambodia

In general, it is recommended to plan your visit at any time between May and November to have the opportunity to witness some of the country's colorful festivals. This vision of what Cambodia tours have in store will give you an idea of ​​the unforgettable adventure that awaits you.

Lanzarote Villas – An exceptional alternative to the vacation accommodation package

When the time comes to start thinking about booking your annual vacation, you think about the destination a lot, but what about the vacation accommodation options? Obviously, if you are booking pre-packaged vacations, of course, you are restricted to the option of the brochure for the most part, but many tourists now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of building their own vacation packages.

Naturally, this opens up a completely new range of accommodation options, especially in popular holiday destinations such as Lanzarote, for example, which is well prepared for the independent tourist and has a selection of private villas and apartments in Lanzarote that is unrivaled.

The prices of the villas in Lanzarote are exceptionally affordable when you start to dig a little deeper, since in most cases there are no occupancy charges, so you can choose a larger accommodation if you do (and often at comparative prices ). And you will not be restricted to any member of your party having to sleep in a folding bed in the living room either. Let's face it, it's your vacation, so why endure the discomfort just because the tour package company is trying to squeeze every cent of your customers?

Similarly, the location of many of the private villas on the island does not revolve around access considerations, so you do not necessarily have to choose one that is on the transfer bus route from the airport. Of course, you can stay in the complex of your choice, but in a much quieter environment, away from the hustle and bustle that is synonymous with the most central locations.

Personally, I find that there is nothing more pleasant than finding a good restaurant for dinner and then enjoying a pleasant night walk back to a warm and welcoming villa.

A great advantage is that the money you will probably save on accommodation will be used to pay for a rental car during your stay. Car rental in Lanzarote is incredibly cheap (and can stay that way for a long time), which means you could even go further and rent a very reasonable rural villa in the heart of the Lanzarote countryside, where you could enjoy total privacy and Isolation if you really want to relax and relax.

There is another additional advantage of having access to your own transportation too. Lanzarote has a lot of outstanding beaches to enjoy, which are very popular, such as Papagayo and Famara. And you can also tour the island and visit the many museums and incredible creations of Cesar Manrique. If you don't know who it is, take a look at the Internet before your arrival, as this will help you add a new dimension to your vacation on the island and help you understand why you're still such a virgin.

The prices of villas in Lanzarote, of course, will depend on the location chosen as well as the style and size of the villa you rent. Similarly, Lanzarote villas with swimming pools are also a bit more expensive, but that's to be expected.

If you have never rented a villa in Lanzarote before, you will be pleasantly surprised not only by the high standards of decoration, but also by the level of services in each villa, even in lower priced accommodations. This is mainly due to the fact that many of the villa owners use the villas several times throughout the year.

Of course, choosing which resort or area to stay in will be reduced to your own vacation preferences, but two popular resorts on the island if you are considering renting a private villa are Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen. Villas in Playa Blanca tend to be the most reasonable from a price perspective that currently starts at around € 450 or so per week if you are careful with your budget. But for a little more (around € 150 additional per week) you will find that the villas in Puerto del Carmen are generally better built and are more spacious as well.

Being independent will give you great additional purchasing power instead of booking vacation packages, and the availability of flights to Lanzarote is excellent, but if you decide to book your own villa in Lanzarote it is not for you and still decide to follow the package route On vacation, Lanzarote will continue to be a holiday to remember, and I am sure you will also return for another holiday.

Main retirement destinations and advice

Since retirement means different things to different people, and everyone has different ideas and priorities about how they want to live during this stage of their life, there is no single ideal retirement destination that suits everyone. However, there are some common factors that most retirees look for in a place they would consider moving, such as abundant and varied recreation, affordable living costs, the availability of high-quality health care facilities, low crime rates, security , community Services. , good weather, beautiful landscapes, adequate transportation facilities, volunteer opportunities and work.

Although Arizona, Florida and Texas remain the most popular option, an increasing number of retirees are opting for colder climates or places where they can experience all seasons. According to surveys, here are some places in the US. UU. That they have become the main destinations for retirement due to excellent medical care, many cultural activities and abundant vegetation or landscapes, among several other desirable factors: Holland, Michigan; Walla Walla, Washington; St. Simons Island, Georgia; Prescott, Arizona; Boulder, Colorado; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; San Luis Obispo, California; Williamsburg, Virginia; Boca Raton, Florida; and Ithaca, New York.

If you want a low-cost destination, there are many retirement places that have good amenities and a lovely setting and yet are within your budget. When you move to a place where living costs are lower compared to your current place of residence, you may even be able to get a bigger house that costs less, which will improve your net worth and at the same time allow you to live a Better retired life.

According to leading experts in retirement destinations, some of the best low-cost retirement locations are: the sunny beach of Melbourne, Florida; the arid and beautiful valley of Yucca, California; the rurally fresh Sandpoint, Idaho, near Canada; and Kennebunk, Maine, which has many rocky beaches. Although not all of them can be very cheap, some are quite expensive depending on where they reside today, however, each of them has a common factor: to obtain a good value by living in retirement in these places.

However, many Americans also seek to retire in other countries, such as Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Belize, Spain and New Zealand, mainly because living costs are comparatively cheaper, while also wanting to experience a different culture and landscape of what they have always known. In addition, since these places already house a good number of retired Americans, they also have people who belong to the same age and culture group. However, if you choose any of these countries, making new friends and adapting to a different culture is something you should be prepared for. Central American countries are particularly popular among retired Americans because they are only a few hours away from their home country. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you choose to retire abroad:

  • Verify that your medical insurance is in order
  • Get to know the local markets that are cheap.
  • If you do not want the country's citizenship, obtain a tourist visa
  • If you want citizenship, apply before moving

Regardless of where you choose to retire, whether within the country or abroad, here are some things you should consider and do before deciding:

First You must decide if you want to stay somewhere near your current hometown or venture to another place.

Decide what you like. Would you prefer the safe and structured environment of a community of retirees, or would a town or city that has different types of people, with a broader scope in cultural and entertainment activities, be a better option for you?

Find out everything you can about the places you are considering. Visit the Internet and check the magazines and books for information that will be useful.

As you gather more information, start reducing your list of probable locations, to a maximum of four or five, maximum.

Then go out on the road. Go to all the places on your list, stay in each of them for three or four days, to see the general feeling of the location and its environment.

Do not hurry for anything. After all, he is making an important decision about how he will live the rest of his life. So take your time, decide slowly and wisely, and not impulsively.

Then, reduce your list to only two or three locations, and go live in each for approximately two or three weeks. Carefully examine the advantages and disadvantages of each, such as the cost of living, the weather and also the type of neighbors and friends you will have. Meet the real estate agents and verify if the house you are considering is within your budget. There are real estate agents who designate themselves as Senior Real Estate Specialists.

After concentrating on your choice, take a little more time. Get opinions and advice from family and friends. But trust your instincts, as it will ultimately have to be your choice.

The best kept secret in the world, Krakow and Zakapane, Poland

As a former flight attendant, I have visited all European countries, except Albania and Poland. Poland is the fifth largest country in Europe. Apart from Lech Walesa, Copernicus, the Pope and a decade of Polish jokes that I never understood, I didn't know anything about this land. However, my interest peaked because it will soon be hot on the tourist route and because my husband's family from Chicago is from here. He accompanied me with a sense of delight to discover his roots. I was educated and enriched by something new. We flew from Atlanta through JFK and Warsaw to Krakow for only 4 days. There is no rest for the tired with a rotating itinerary. I prefer to visit out-of-season cities to interact with the locals. It provides a more authentic and intimate environment.

Upon arrival at the airport, Pavel greets us happily and will be our driver at all times. It has a welcome sign "Suza Davis". I say: "Hi, I'm Suzy from Atlanta." I chuckled when he replied, "Yes, down from the United States." We checked into the Amadeus Hotel, an elegant inn from the 16th century in the heart of the city center. Prince Charles once lay in our room, I have been told.

We set out to hunt for dinner. The lighted old town was impressive and full of so many young people that made me feel older. 150,000 students reside in this university city. Krakow is the main party scene in Europe where they remain outside until the birds sing. This historic district has the highest concentration of bars and restaurants in the world. Suddenly we discover the Pierogi Garden, home of the freshest Polish meatballs. They were stuffed with sauerkraut, lamb, veal, berries, chocolate and even peanut butter. There were 6 types of soups, all with beets that I hate. After a dozen meatballs, I had a melted sheep's milk cheese pancake that was more than delicious.

Poland experienced innumerable invasions throughout its history. After being devastated by the Germans and then the Russians, he finally achieved independence in 1989 with the collapse of Soviet communism. Krakow was wired for destruction near the end of World War II by the Germans. They planned to blow up once the Russians took over, fortunately the war ended hours before the plan was carried out.

Today it remains one of the few cities left in its original form. With a population of 780,000 inhabitants, it has been transformed into a modern international capital. Vibrant and modern, but somehow retains its traditional culture with a royal architecture. It is in Krakow where the spirit of the new Poland is found.

On day 2, Anna met us, who was surprisingly beautiful. We start in the network of cobbled streets of the old town intended for walking. It was a maze of museums, chapels, galleries, coffee shops and pubs on the walls. Even in winter there was entertainment with street dancers, pampering, accordionists and in a corner, I saw a knight in armor dancing break dance.

We enter Market Square, the largest medieval square in Europe, where little has changed since 1257. It is crowned by the Bell Tower, where a bugle sounds at the highest hour. It drives residents crazy at night. A must-see is Cloth Hall, where fishmongers, fabric merchants and bakers have sold their products since the fourteenth century. Now it is a fabulous arcade of craft stalls.

We walk to the well-preserved Jewish quarter, which is now avant-garde with an artistic character. Poland once had the highest concentration of Jews in Europe at 3.5 million. The kings of Poland during the Middle Ages noticed that they were being expelled to other places and invited them to increase the economy. Here they prospered until the Holocaust and forced communism after World War II. Now there are only 180 left. We saw the ghettos where the famous Spielberg movie was filmed and we looked across the river to see the Schindler factory.

Rick Steves writes that one should visit a milk bar here. Anna accompanies us to one of these government-subsidized coffees for the working class. They are remnants of Poland's communist past. Everything is surprisingly cheap. I ordered a plate of homemade soup and cheesecake for $ 2.

Then we visit Wawel Castle, a 12th century masterpiece and defining icon of the city's pride. There were no queues as we walked through its history halls. This was the residence of the kings for 500 years. Anna explains her dragon legend that spits fire called Smok here who ate virgins for breakfast.

This was reinforced by the discovery of strange large bones in the 1400s. (The bones are actually whale bones, since this area in Europe was underwater eons ago.) The dragon thus became the symbol of the city ​​and is omnipresent in the souvenir shops. Anna then pushes us into several beautiful churches, for me always as boring as painting by numbers, however, they were exquisite. I ask if there are Protestants here. She responded in fact: "Yes, one."

The afternoon was devoted to inspections in restaurants and hotels. I loved the formal greetings and it is always educational. I learn about local cuisine and accommodation in the best location at the best price. All hotels were complete. Jews and Catholics visit throughout the year on religious pilgrimages or come to do root tours.

Krakow was recently ranked among the top 10 European destinations. Now I see why. Americans are still excited about Prague, which I now find is going through inflated prices and lower service levels. It has become as expensive as Rome. Eventually, Krakow can do the same once Poland converts to the Euro in 2012. For now it can be wasted at affordable prices. Europeans come here to get 50-70% savings. Germans and Danes in particular come for dental and optometry needs. Medical tourism, including plastic surgery, is booming. I met an Austrian hostess who flies monthly to receive spa treatments at half cost.

At night we had dinner at the Wierzynek restaurant, the oldest in the world that has served princes to tourists since 1364. It was a delicious (organic) wild boar, roasted ribs and lots of potatoes. I ask you to teach me some Polish, a Slavic language that is as impossible as a mouthful of word search. The word toilet has 5 syllables.

On the third day, we woke up with a gray, cold and wet day that gave us the appropriate environment for what we would see. Pavel drove us 60 km to Auschwitz. We were greeted by Yuri, our brilliant personal guide whose only passion was to enlighten us about the unthinkable tragedies that took place here since 1940-45. Once I visited Dachau, but this was the largest of the concentration camps. This death factory killed 1.4 million people of 27 nationalities. The majority were Jews. The others were gypsies, Soviets, Poles, gays, political dissidents and more.

We enter the door saying: "Work will free you." Inside there was a powerful reminder when we saw the crematoriums, the hunger cells, kilos of hair, endless lenses and a still gray pool of ashes 60 years ago. The most sobering thing for me was the children's section. It contained a sea of ​​small shoes, dolls and meticulous German documentation of 230,000 children who suffered and died here.

We were taken to the extended Birkenau camp (Auschwitz II), with its wooden barracks built to house 100,000 but eventually had more than 200,000. Together in silence, the three of us walked half a mile to see the ruins of the gas chambers and the memorial. At the end of our tour, Yuri said goodbye to us with this profound statement: "I have guided several Holocaust survivors who visited here as tourists. In the end they told me that I cannot present 1% of how bad it really was." This was the most emotional touching site my eyes have ever seen.

At the end of the afternoon we visit the famous Wieliczka salt mine. This mysterious and vast 3-mile-long underground city has extracted salt for 800 years. The World Heritage site attracts one million visitors per year and it seems that everyone arrived today.

Our guide Justina seemed to have an obsession with salt, but it was simply the love of her work as a guide. She said to follow her 836 steps, which was a better exercise than a stairway teacher. The caves bore me, but this site will remain etched in my mind forever. Imagine underground chapels, ornate sculptures, life-size galleries and figures carved entirely in salt or in a restaurant and a post office 380 & # 39; & # 39; below street level. It was spectacular For centuries, miners and horses spent their lives here. They remained healthy in this rich microclimate. It has to do with magnesium ions, whatever they are? Today people come to the healing chambers of the treatment complex to isolate themselves in the natural purity of the air.

Day 4. I continually search the world for unique things or places to present to other travelers. Today I found it in Zakapane. For years, a friend of mine insisted that I visit this mountain resort with the funny name I could never remember. We drove into the pure air of the Tatra Mountains with Eva, our expert guide that day. She said this adventure destination of 60,000 residents increases to 200,000 almost year-round. In summer they come to mineral spas and alpine hiking. In winter they come to ski. That week Zakapane organized the International Ski Jumping Competition.

Here was a charming city of artists and Giorake, an ethnic group of mountain mountaineers. These wandering shepherds date back to the fifteenth century. They love dressing up in their colorful clothes for tourists. They live with cheese or anything covered with cheese. We visited a cheese market the size of Switzerland. As far as my eyes could see, there were artistically sculpted sheep and goat cheeses in every imaginable way. We also tour the water park with an Olympic-sized mineral hot spring mineral pool and ride cable cars in the mountains to enjoy breathtaking scenery.

It was a more productive and enjoyable day trip. I found a local tourism company that organizes fun activities for groups such as horse-drawn sleds through the forest, dog-sleds and the new "snow rafting" on rubber rafts that splash to the mountain-style slide. In the huge open-air market with countless ethnic stalls, I bought a striking leather and leather coat for $ 260 that seemed fashionable 6 times its price.

There is so much that I could not see on this short visit. On my next return, I will do the new "Crazy Communism Tour". Outside Krakow is Nowa Huta, once a severe socialist suburb of forced industrialization. Huge steel mills seized the rich farmland. The doctor and the professors were sent here to work. Miles of concrete housing blocks were erected to house them.

On the tour you can discover the first-hand experience of Stalin's gift to Krakow when traveling in a classic Trabant car from East Germany to Nowa Huta. It includes a dinner of salted bread, pickles and vodka, followed by a dance in a retro disco of the 70s.

Under the yoke of communism, the Poles refused to renounce their religion. Stalin said: "Implementing communism here is like saddling a bull." Faced with such a determined spirit in people, he surrendered. I am amazed at all the obstacles that this stoic country has overcome.

If you have been there and bought the shirt from London, Paris, Madrid or Athens, I encourage you to visit undiscovered parts of Europe. Krakow is destined to become the next Prague. Overflowing with history, friendly faces, hearty cooking, and it won't break your pocket. If you can visit new Poland, don't tell anyone about Zakapane, one of the best kept secrets in the world.

The fun weather in Coonoor

Coonoor is located in the state of Tamil Nadu and is considered one of the most famous hill stations in the Nilgiri hills. It is a stop for fashion travelers due to its stunning views of the green emerald hills of Nilgiri. It is identified by its tea states and plantations also because the surroundings are extremely favorable for producing exceptional tea. In reality, the climate in Coonoor has helped produce tea plants in large numbers, thus contributing to both the agricultural economy and tourism purposes.

Coonoor is pleasant throughout the year and regardless of the time of your visit. The summer season falls between the months of March to May, when the temperature juggles between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. This is the most pleasant time for tourists to visit. It was soon followed by the monsoon that begins in June and extends until September. From the first week of June the touch of rain begins. Mild to medium rainfall is recorded. The surroundings also get wet during this particular season. It is also a relief from the summer heat that calms thirsty souls.

Monsoon differs from small to medium rainfall, which makes the atmosphere tremendously humid. For the period of this time, the green landscapes of Coonoor are much more attractive than in any other period of the year. A monsoon usually lasts until the end of September. Coonoor conditions change after the last part of the monsoon for winter and this period remains until February. Winter is not extremely cold and the temperature can show a discrepancy of 10 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, people who are crazy about winters can visit this beautiful mountain season sometime in the months of December and January. Overall, the pleasant climatic conditions of Coonoor are not limited to specific moths, you can rest and admire the charming beauty of Coonoor throughout the year. If you are preparing to move forward in December, you will be lucky to visit the annual "Fruit Show" held at Sim & # 39; s Park. Therefore, the climate in Coonoor under no circumstances proves to be fatal for visitors who spend an orderly sum to plan their tours. If you are really perplexed about your travels, Coonoor will not disappoint you at any time.

A typical paraglider pilot? There's no such thing!

Just what a typical paragliding pilot? The short answer is & # 39; there is none & # 39;. The slightly longer answer might be: “ Well, many of them seem to be boys in their 30s or 40s. & # 39; & # 39 ;. Surprised? Isn't paragliding one of those scary, risky and exaggerated activities in vogue with the young and daring? No, it really is not, although there is some danger potential as in any form of flight.

So don't expect to go to a paragliding place and find pilots that fit some kind of extreme sports stereotype. Being more of an aviation sport, and relatively cheap and easy to practice, paragliding attracts a wide variety of participants. You could also learn to paraglide and surprise your friends!

Europe is where it all began, and it is there that you are most likely to discover some interesting extremes, umm, in sports. In that corner of the world, children's camps sometimes include paragliding as an activity! At the other end of the spectrum, there are many older pilots. That is, those who have already passed the retirement age! What better way to keep life interesting.

Heck, I've even seen a video clip of a dog go for a walk, hooked in a special dog harness next to the pilot. I wonder how much flight time a German shepherd needs to log in before going alone. Hey, don't laugh, paragliding is almost as easy!

Pilots from many angles

Just for fun, let's quickly review some possible categories for paragliding pilots.

Years It is one, definitely. I have already mentioned how they can fly from very small to very old. Weight is another one. Small men or ladies of thin complexion who fly their lower-range XXS wings. It seems that the size of a shirt does not … Even substantial people who are too much for nothing more than a tandem paraglider. Yes, a wing really built for two. What else? nationality Of course, since this is a global sport. Although he was born in Europe and is the most popular there, all the continents of the planet have paragliding fans.

What happens disability ? Probably not! Oh yes, some companies are actively helping people in a wheelchair in the air. All that is needed is a pair of work arms, after all, to use the paragliding brake levers. Maybe just one more category, gender It's obvious. As usual in flying sports, there are many more men than women in paragliding despite the fact that the genre does not offer any special benefits for flying. In any case, women are quicker to choose the careful and precise style of using the controls.

That almost covers the main angles of the variety found in paragliding pilots. Now for some real examples, some details.


Particularly in Europe, you can observe people in a wide range of age groups that fly paragliding. Even in 1994 there were some young pilots. In that year, a 14-year-old boy in Bulgaria became his youngest paraglider pilot. He had 29 flights to his credit at that tender age.

In Israel, the paraglider has some history, beginning with the pioneering efforts of Yair Shachar's Zoom Club. In turn, he taught a certain Baruch Gurwitz to fly at the age of 70! In fact, in 1998 Baruch obtained an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest paragliding pilot in the world. He was 77 years old. However, that record has not lasted! Since then, a short film has been made about the exploits of a 79-year-old Polish pilot. Miroslaw Dembinski produced the film, winning an award at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Being a pilot is one thing, but, of course, age is an even smaller barrier when you're just a passenger! I found a paragliding school that registered the names of two exceptional passengers. Hannes Taugwalder, 95, for one, and also a certain Zoe Schmid, a 2½ lady!


Just to give you an idea of ​​the weight range available for paragliding pilots, here are a couple of real paragliding designs to illustrate. First, the Nova Rookie wing is available in 5 different sizes. The smallest is the XXS. Extra extra small. Just for a featherweight pilot, probably a woman, weighing 55 kilograms (approximately 120 pounds) ready to fly. That's right, that weight includes harness, helmet and any other equipment you can use.

At the other end of the scale, really large pilots can use a tandem paraglider that is normally used to carry passengers. So, in theory, Big Bertha or Gigantic Joe, which weighs 200 kilograms (about 440 pounds), could put 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of flight equipment and float smoothly in the Bio-Air Bi-Bio 42. This It is a typical tandem paraglider.

Now for a little trivia. The greatest sports paraglider of all time was a unique design with a wingspan of 20 meters (66 feet), used to film a car commercial! This very special reinforced wing had to transport a whopping 600 kilograms (more than 1300 pounds), after being thrown from a Lama heavy-loaded helicopter. A true Audi A6 Allroad vehicle was filmed floating in the sky under this paraglider, against a spectacular mountain landscape.


These days, it is difficult to think of a continent that has no paragliding activity. There are excellent schools and flight locations throughout the world. Also, I know that my paragliding website attracts visitors from more than 60 countries.

Paragliding is particularly known and visible as a sport in England, France, Germany and South Korea. Of course there are others, but these 4 have highlighted me so far.


Organized paragliding for the disabled exists in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, the United States and probably also in some other countries. Not surprisingly, tandem paragliders are widely used in this area.

The English seem to have done a very good job promoting paragliding for the disabled. Just look at the activities of Airways Airports, they are not hard to find! This company sometimes uses specially modified paragliding & # 39; cars & # 39; to give access to fly to a wide range of people with disabilities.

Another notable company is Handiconcept, which offers a variety of activities for the disabled, including paragliding. They operate from a Swiss alpine resort and serve the physically and mentally disabled.

By moving to the United States, an innovative company called Team Thor has established itself as a public charity. They especially serve the physically disabled and focus on tandem paragliding coastal flights. Not just any old coastal flight, but the very impressive and well-known crest flight experience of Torrey Pines, on the Pacific coast.


The paraglider does not offer barriers for female participants. The minor problem of very light weight, in some cases, is easily solved by wearing ballast. Some of the largest paragliding schools even offer paragliding courses specifically for women. An example is the peak-to-peak paraglider that operates from Boulder, Colorado in the US. UU.

Particularly in Europe, a few select women have reached the highest standards in the sport by becoming active competition drivers. Such is the participation rate there, there are even events only for women in the CIVL sports calendar. CIVL is an international organization that governs aspects of paragliding and hang gliding, such as the FAI in general aviation.

Now for a quick mention of 2 notable women in paragliding. First, Azar Mazru & # 39; ii Farahani of Iran is the director of the Women's Air Sports Federation of Tehran. Professional paragliding instructor, glides through the air with greater ease with traditional Islamic dress. That is different.

Second, one of the best female drivers in the United Kingdom is Nicky Moss. It was good enough to win the women's event of the British Open Paragliding Championship when it was held in Àger, Spain. Not only that, Nicky also has a British paragliding record.

In conclusion

You may never have the opportunity to become a professional pilot. But the paraglider, even if only as a passenger, is surely within your reach!

Air guns for hunting in Mississippi

It does not matter if it is a BB gun or a shotgun rifle, the compressed air gun is a fundamental element of aiming training for hunters of all ages. Not only that, in Mississippi there are valuable opportunities for hunters to bring their air guns to the forest. With the rising cost and limited availability of ammunition lately, those large cans of pellets are becoming increasingly attractive with each passing day.

Target Training

BB guns are low power, but they are excellent for learning the basics of aiming (grip, visual alignment, trigger control) at low cost and in the comfort of your own home. Modern air rifles of good quality are by nature much more precise than most 22LR rifles. Rimfire rounds are naturally damaged due to low quality control when firing bulk ammunition and the use of a heel bullet. In comparison, even low-cost pellets and ammunition are more aerodynamic and, together with a modern compressed air rifle, will deliver consistent performance.

Compressed air guns are so popular for training young people in the basics of shooting that most hunter education courses taught in the state use one for the mandatory real fire section of the course. They are cheap to shoot, accurate and limited in scope.

Pest control

Especially during the winter, there are always problems with mice, rats and other small bugs that are classified as pests. A good shotgun rifle even in 177 caliber can handle these without much trouble. Be sure to obey local laws, as some cities in the state have municipal ordinances about firing a gun of compressed air at the city limits, but otherwise, feel free. Obey the basic firearm safety rules with pellet guns, as they can still cause bodily harm, shoot windows and, in general, disturb neighbors. For these types of vermin, as well as annoying birds, a ball of good quality, medium weight, taco cutter (flat tip) will minimize the possibility of excessive penetration.

According to state laws, "all species of blackbirds, cowbirds, starlings, crows, crickets and English sparrows can be killed without a permit when such birds commit or are about to commit shadow predation or ornamental trees or agricultural crops" .

It is better to remember that Mississippi is home to a series of species of bats, turtles and rare snakes in danger of extinction, it is better to avoid them if you are not sure of the exact species in sight.

Small game

It is legal according to MDFWP regulations to hunt all small games (rabbit, squirrel, quail, raccoon, possum and lynx) with air rifles during the normal season by a licensed hunter.

While almost any BB gun or pellet gun will take animals the size of vermin (mice, rats) and pest birds such as sparrows, you'll need a high-powered air gun that shoots pellets just to go after something bigger.

These hunting level guns start at around $ 59 and rise quickly from there. To make sure you have a strong enough air gun, make sure the FPS rating (feet per second) is 700+ for a 22 gauge, or 950+ for a 177 gauge gun. The Benjamin Sheridan pump line and The Daisy Powerline series of rooster action can be obtained new for around $ 100. Slightly better rifles like the Gamo Big Cat and Crosman Vantage are only $ 30 more expensive but offer much more performance. Climbing the ladder are Ruger Air Magnums, German-made RWS guns, Hatsans, Sumatras and Benjamin Marauders that cost up to $ 400.

To hunt these tree rats and drooping ears, look for a good quality, medium weight domed pill, such as Crosman Premiere Light, RWS Superdome or JSB Exact. These can be obtained extremely cheaply, the 7.9 Grain Crosman Premier costs about $ 25 for 1250 granules, for example. Gamo has a new 0.36 gram pellet. 177 that can penetrate a 1.5 mm laminated galvanized steel sheet and continue. Called the "lethal", it is a two-body design granule with ultra-high ballistic coefficient, more terminal penetration, a stable flight path and a polymer skirt. These front-line pellets cost around $ 20 per 100. With high-end pellets and a high-powered compressed air rifle, lethal shots up to 50 yards away are possible.

When going behind wildcats, raccoons and opossums, 22-gauge or 25-gauge pellets of high-powered air guns should be the minimum.

With all the small games taken with an air gun, it is absolutely necessary to get good accurate shots in small death zones 1 to 2 inches from your target to ensure that it is reduced. Headshots are the rule to live. Unless you can hit a five-cent coin-sized target repeatedly with your 25-yard compressed air rifle, practice until you can before heading to the forest.

Annoying animals

The state of Mississippi according to public notice LE6-3779 lists beavers, coyotes, foxes, otters, skunks and wild pigs as annoying animals. As such, hunting for annoying animals is allowed during the day on private land without gauge restrictions, which include compressed air guns. While 177/22 caliber guns can carry nougat without problems, going after some of the biggest games on this list can be problematic unless you have a large caliber air rifle.

Speaking of which hunting deer and turkeys with large caliber air guns, while practicing in some states, is currently off the board in Mississippi, for now. In 2007, an Alabama man took two deer, including a 9-point trophy with a 50-caliber air rifle and a 200-grain shot. With precedents like that, it is probably only a matter of time before the whitetails are taken with air guns also in this state.

Just make sure you don't shoot yourself.

Choose the right pool table for you

There is something to say about buying the right pool table. Buying a pool table is very similar to buying a car. In many ways, you can relate the entire billiard industry to the automobile industry. It's amazing how many lessons our pool table manufacturers and retailers can learn from the reliable car industry. There are dozens of different manufacturers in different countries. Then, you must choose where you are going to buy your pool table. Will you decide to buy from an authorized dealer or a small timer in your garage? Within that, you will notice that there are several different designs and sizes. There is a wide range of options in raw materials from which it is built. Even more, you have to decide what options you want, including: stains, fabrics, sights and accessories. Are you going to buy new or used? And the list goes on and on …

The recommendation to buy new is always the best. Why? Forget for a moment the different qualities and brands available. Now really consider the disadvantages of buying a new pool table. There is simply a single real disadvantage, the price. If you are considering buying a pool table and are motivated by the price and only the price; Then it may be more suitable for you to simply settle for something used. However, if you can wait, if you can take some time to curb the urge to buy now; Then you will realize that you would be giving away all the advantages of buying new ones. Remember that there are numerous brands and qualities. I would be abandoning personalization, quality, generational step, guarantees and guarantees. Do you need anything else to say? It's obvious.

Buying a pool table is a huge expense. You should not have to settle simply, either for a used stock or for a retailer, because it is cheaper. He wouldn't settle for the car he doesn't want simply because it's cheap, right? Maybe, but you know what you want. You know what you like. Build it and be part of the process. This will be something you can convey to your children's children. However, there are certain occasions when buying inventory or used items may make more sense. Just know what is right for you.

All right, what is the best pool table available? That is in debate. I have worked and seen almost everything there over the years. Some are great, others are firewood. In general terms, I would recommend that you buy something made in the United States, use a hardwood in construction and contain a Brazilian or Italian slate in the form of three pieces.

As a side note: China's tables are simply not good. China slate is simply not good. If you think that the board is only a board; Then tell that to the many customers who made the mistake of buying these and needed reconstructions of frames, slate replacement and new parts that ended up costing them more money than they paid for the whole new table. The Chinese slate is rigid and hard and does not allow it to flex, so it cracks and breaks easily. Its pool tables are mass produced in "the line" with sprayed spots and finishes. Of course they look great. They could even play well for a while, but those finishes crack and cheap wood is used, deformed. It doesn't take long for that to happen either.

There is also a difference in MADE IN THE USA and BUILT IN THE USA. There are many companies in the United States that claim they were made in the US. UU., But in reality they only meet here. I am not buying someone like that. Research, talk to the right people and educate yourself. I can list many American manufacturers for you, but that would solve and eliminate the value in product research. Let's try to remember that this is a process rather than an impulse purchase.

One-piece slate tables are outdated for the home. In the bars they are nice, but that is not what you want in your house. First, who wants to move it? Nobody does it. Second, they simply cannot get the same kind of level of accuracy that a three-piece slate table can get. General leveling is all that you get with a one-piece slate and three pieces of slate not only give you that, but also add a fine-tuning element that will maintain that level for longer and will also resist deformation.

Finding the right manufacturer and retailer will take some time. Find the best ones that fit your budget and, most importantly, that fit your needs. Internet can give you ideas, but you should go out and see the product. Take your time. Find what works best. Remember that it is your money.

The size and style depend entirely on you. Here there is nothing anyone can do to influence these. How much space do you have? This will help you evaluate what size will fit your current home. However, think about this carefully. Remember, as Americans, we move often. What may fit in your current home may not fit in the next one. What decoration do you have and present in your home? Does a traditional look, contemporary design or tournament style fit you and your home? There may be options on a pool table from the legs, the frame (arched, without arc, double arc) and the rail edges (routed, smooth, scalloped). All these things should be considered. Get out and look at them!

There are the most common types of wood used to make pool tables. In general, you will see particle boards with veneer and laminate, poplar wood (or tulip wood), oak (white or red), hard white maple, walnut, walnut, mahogany or other exotic woods. There are tables made of marble, auto parts, metal and other foreign materials. However, its standard hardwoods will be oak or maple for most traditional models and, in general, a laminate will be used on modern tournament-style corner tables. General rule: stay with the standard woods and advance.

Which of these are important to you? Which ones are not? In general, your domestic hardwoods will last a long time. Another important note about "hardwoods", poplar is technically considered a hardwood, but most do not recognize it that way. It is soft and easily deforms even if you press it in layers. Do not be fooled by the seller. The tournament-style tables are practically made of chipboard with a high or low quality laminate. Don't let that stop you from buying one because the particle is not so good. It is not, but some good brand things make a good table.

There are a multitude of different stains and finishes available these days. The stain is basically the color with which they make the wood, while the finish is what surpasses that for protection and shine. The colors of dyes range from natural and light colors, to dark and black. Finishes will generally be available in only a few different options, with matte, semi-gloss and high gloss being the most popular. These two items are related to your personal desires and decoration. Check them all, especially with your fabric color options.

It is no longer the days of traditional green cloth. There are dozens of colors available now and you are not limited to the greens and blues of the past. However, there are different types of fabric. They will be divided into two types: wool and yarn.

Wool cloth, or nap cloth, is your standard at home and recreational clothing. Most retailers include this type as the standard fabric when buying a table. Very rarely will you see it in a pool hall unless the owner is cheap. This fabric is usually a mixture of nylon and wool. Sometimes it is known as a nap cloth because it has microfibers that stand out similar to the carpet. The professionals stay away from this fabric because it does not pull the board so tight for less speed and precision, tends to the tablet, the balls bleed the grooves and give it "wiggle".

The combed fabric is also a similar mixture with a much higher wool content. This is the best of the best. It is elastic enough to stretch to incredible tension, which gives the game extreme precision and speed that are consistent enough to allow professionals to maintain position throughout the game. It does not break or break, like his woolly brother, and it is heavy and durable, which extends his life in most scenarios. If you have extra money, get it! Do not skimp on the fabric, but know that there really is only one true manufacturer and the other brands of combed wool are simply cheap imitations.

The views come in many different materials and styles. You will see round and diamond-shaped sights made of plastic, mother of pearl, abalone and metals such as brass and chrome. You can make them different colors or have a double diamond look. The most common double diamond style will consist of a mother-of-pearl view surrounded by abalone. This gives a pool table a completely different look.

Then we get to the accessories. They are what they are and most of the time you will get a kit with your table that comes directly from China and, in general, is crap. However, that's fine because these are initial elements. Naturally, you want the best you can get with the purchase, but don't let a guy tell you that his table is better because he has better accessories. Once you learn the game and get more involved, you will appreciate and understand the value of updating the equipment over time. Personally, if the balls are not Aramith and the signs are not decent American; I don't want them then. However, they become expensive and are not so necessary until you get used to the game and want a better team.

Therefore, the last thing you should mention while looking for the perfect pool table are the guarantees. Why is this important? Simple, if the manufacturer does not endorse your product for life, and a retailer does not endorse your work with a lifetime warranty; So what good is the product and the service provided? Do you remember that generational step? How can you be expected to do that if the manufacturer and the seller do not even believe in your product? It is difficult to find the right combination from manufacturer to distributor, but they are there. If you cannot offer these two simple things, then you should not be in business at all. Forget them.

If the brand is correct, call the manufacturer and tell them that you want your product without retailers & # 39; Participation and tell them why. If the retailer is right and the brand is wrong, then you may need to explore other options with them or find another brand.

It's all about you and this is the information for your analysis. Ultimately, you are the one who must decide what is best for you in terms of brand, cost, quality and style.

Move in China

I have traveled and lived in several countries. I have studied several languages ​​and languages, in general, as a specialty in linguistics, at the university. Therefore, I have a good understanding of language in general, and I know that language and communication are more than just speaking. When I first arrived in China, four years ago, it was a last minute thing, but I bought some CDs in Chinese language and learned some rudimentary words and phrases. However, what I learned was a bit insignificant, and I couldn't understand that I knew the language, but I managed with other forms of communication. Of course, the biggest challenge is that the written language, consisting of more than 50,000 separate written characters, is very different from the more familiar written languages ​​in the West.

In addition, although, officially, China has one language, Mandarin (Putonghua), there are actually more than 50 separate languages, in use in the country, and many people, especially in small villages and peripheral regions, can only speak in their language. Regional languages ​​Although street signs are also written in larger cities, in Pinyin English, that is not the case, in most of the country and for most things, such as store signs, product labels or menus. Apart from that problem, I have always relied on other forms of communication, in any country, when I did not have the words to express my needs or desires. A smile and a playful attitude, I have discovered, can go quite far.

In addition, simple words and phrases, such as hello (or hao, in Mandarin; lei ho, in Cantonese), goodbye (tsai jian, in Mandarin; goodbye, in Cantonese), please (ching, in Mandarin; mgoi, in Cantonese) ), and thanks (xie xie, in Mandarin; mgoi, in Cantonese), go a long way. In addition, to travel, in China, you can take a small Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary with you and display the words of the people in the dictionary. After that, being fun, charming and attractive are communication actions that transcend spoken language. In addition, each merchant, from the small corner store to the department stores, has a calculator, so that he can show you a price, in numbers.

Language problems aside, the first trick to travel in China is to use a Chinese travel agent (for example, E-long travel or C-trip) to book your flights and hotel rooms because you will get a good discount ( when I'm in Rome … but, you're in China, then …). The prices you can get, through these types of agencies, are actually lower, generally much lower, than you will get when you deal directly. In fact, on a trip we made, we wanted to extend our stay in a hotel, and they told us to call the agent because we would get a better price on the extension. Even if you don't call an agency, in advance, to reserve a room, there are usually agencies around airports, train stations and buses.

You get a double benefit as a foreign traveler in China. First, hotels and restaurants pay their staff and pay for supplies in yuan, not in dollars, so they are priced similar to hotels and western restaurants, but the yuan is cheap in dollars or euros. For example, we rented a small bungalow on our recent trip to Xi Chong, a secluded beach, south of Shenzhen, for ¥ 150 per night. I used to stay in a big hotel, in Guangzhou, before getting an apartment, for ¥ 300 per night; One of my most frugal (cheap) friends always stayed in the smallest room without a river view for ¥ 150 per night.

Therefore, don't be fooled thinking about prices, in China, in terms of the purchasing power of your local currency. Understand the money, local or foreign, in terms of your local purchasing power, not in terms of the purchasing power of the currency of your home country, in the other country. The second benefit you get when traveling in China is that energy costs are subsidized, so trains, planes, buses and taxis are still cheap, in terms of any currency, local or foreign, due to subsidies, not to cause of purchase Yuan power.

For example, a round-trip airfare for a 1,000-mile trip (one way) could cost ¥ 1,000, which is approximately $ US150. Most Chinese take trains and buses, even on long trips. Some of my foreign friends have also made two-day train trips to the north, and they say it is a good way to meet people and see the country (personally, I think they are only being cheap). A one-hour train ride (two hours by bus) costs around ¥ 70. I pay a private driver to take me to the university where I teach, which is about an hour's drive, mainly on roads, ¥ 115.

Although tips are not part of the culture or the expectations of the staff, in some western hotels and restaurants, they are expected, and I always leave money in a hotel room and in the western restaurants we frequent. When it comes to the price of anything other than restaurants, always negotiate prices. All Chinese think that foreigners are rich. They know that ¥ 70 is only $ 10 for an American, but what they don't realize is that $ 10 doesn't invite us to dinner in the United States, while ¥ 10 can buy them (and me) dinner. , in China. As a result of his misunderstanding of the relativity of money (see "You are missing the point" and other analyzes on our Analysis page in the country of the website), I have had people trying to charge me up to 10 times the actual price in Yuan. Remember: a Yuan should buy you as much as a dollar or a euro buys you at home.

I am a "natural place", which means that the way I like to travel is to act as if I had just moved to the area instead of being a tourist (although it is difficult to convince people that I am a local), but some still believe me). I have already lived in more than a dozen places, this century. My method is to tell the local people that I am moving there (what I am doing, although it may be as short as a week or a month), and ask them what there is to do in the area. You learn much more about a place, that way.

People love to help you discover the inner secrets of their people. I am also very kind and say "hello" to everyone on the street (here, "hello" is "ni hao" or, in some parts of Guangdong province, "lei ho"). That always gives you a good barometer of the city's sympathy: the more people smile at you and greet you, it's a good measure of sympathy. For example, in New York City, most people will look at you like you're crazy and speed up, while about 85 percent of people in Philadelphia will greet you, and some will even answer you. the first to say "hello". Montreal accounts for about 75 percent, and Quebec City is even friendlier, even if its "Bon jour" proves that it is not a native French speaker.

In most cities, in China, even in small towns, people are so upset that you can speak Chinese and that you have taken a little time to pay attention that they will smile and say "ni hao" ("lei ho" ) come back to you and can even give you a thumbs up (Xi & # 39; be a real exception to that general rule). Try these simple methods, yourself, when traveling, especially if you are trying to move around, in China.

I have been coming and going without much difficulty since I came to China four years ago, from the beginning. Sure, it has been scary, sometimes, when I felt isolated and I was having trouble trying to figure out how to get what I want or where I want to go. But, I just breathed and decided to relax and have fun with everything. I have never been someone who has placed much importance on words, in the first place.

I am a physicist who has been able to speak and think in a much more precise mathematical language, and I studied linguistics because I was interested in the interaction of language and thought. I always ask a lot of questions and teach my students and assistants to do the same because words have different meanings for different people, in the first place. However, language is also much more than words. Don't fear language barriers, be creative and have fun.

PS: When you receive a call in your hotel room, late at night, asking if you want a massage, it is not really a massage what they are offering.