Paleochora: Crete's best kept secret

Paleochora, “ The Bride of the Sea of ​​Libya & # 39; & # 39 ;, as it has been called, is a small, typically Greek city (or perhaps a large village) located on the southwest coast of the island of Crete . Well, & # 39; sitting & # 39; On the coast it […]

Expensive ticket to paradise

Low-cost airplanes have changed the tourism industry significantly in recent years. Now you can reach holiday destinations around the world at an affordable cost. In Asia, the largest low-cost AirAsia aircraft connects the centers of Southeast Asia with numerous holiday destinations in the region. Now everyone can get a cheap plane ticket from Singapore, Kuala […]

Cheap holiday

Be it sun, beaches, skiing, entertainment, romance or a break with children, there is a cheap rest for everyone. Let your imagination fly and see what you like. In these difficult financial times, we are all looking for a bargain, either at our local supermarket, buying a car or booking a vacation. It is just […]

Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the largest and most prominent city in the Netherlands, is one of the best places to spend a fun holiday. The wonderful beaches, the exclusive commercial markets, the historical monuments, the clubs and the casinos are the main attractions of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is rapidly increasing the strength of its tourists every year. Amsterdam has […]

Coin News

A massive malware attack by TrendMicro’s security analytics team has enabled thousands of people around the world to create a sophisticated network of cryptocurrencies. TrendMicro’s latest blog details the recently discovered but unreasonable version, which says the new version “could take over the system to extract Monero cryptocurrencies and steal sensitive browser data such as […]

Go where the exotic beaches are

The beach is always the favorite destination of all travelers. Going to the beach completes your itinerary and a list of reasons to travel to a particular destination. It is the most important element in a trip that everyone wants. Then, when an opportunity arises, you can go to exotic beaches outside your country by […]

Eco-tourism on the island of Bintan, Indonesia!

Bintan Island is famous for ecotourism. It is an amazing destination with beautiful beaches and wonders of nature. It has its own historical significance to be a major commercial port in the Southeast Asian region during the 16th century. If you take your flights to Indonesia, this is the perfect place to learn Indonesian culture, […]