What to expect on a holiday in Sharm El Sheikh

The holiday resort of Sharm el Sheikh translates as "The city of peace" and is located at the southern tip of the Sinai peninsular. Sharm el Sheikh is the largest city in Peninsular Sinai. The nearby cities of Nuweiba, Dahab and Taba offer tourist attractions and also have a growing number of large and small hotels.


Sharm el-Sheikh's main industry is tourism, both national and international. Tourists are attracted to the natural beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh, the spectacular scenery and the constant low humidity. In addition to the ancient attraction of Egypts, the country is a magnet for people who take vacation packages than any other type of visitor. This is due to the warm Egyptian beaches, which are low cost and luxurious.


Water sports, such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, sailing and canoeing, are popular here and are considered among the best in the world, due to the calm and transparent waters of Sharm. all year. Very close to the Red Sea, Sharm offers some of the most striking underwater landscapes and warm waters, which makes it the perfect place to dive. Tourists have the unique opportunity to see a wide spectrum of marine species. Sharm el-Sheikh is a habitat for two hundred and fifty of several coral reefs and a thousand species of fish.


Sharm offers a variety of excursions, for example, Safari Tours, Sea Tours, Nile Cruises and even Balloon Tours. Imagine taking a day trip to Luxor by plane from Sharm, visiting the Valley of the Kings, the statues of Memnon, the temple of Hatshepsut and the temples of Karnak. Alternatively, you may prefer to visit the desert mountains, which are the most notable facet of the Sinai and hide the Colored Canyon, one of its highlights. Near the coastal village of Nuweiba, this extraordinarily deep and narrow fracture is dotted with red, orange, yellow and purple mineral sediments.


You can reach Sharm by plane, ship, bus or car. Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport offers regular flights to Alexandria, Cairo, Hurghada and Luxor. In addition, there are numerous cheap flights from London airports and charter flights to Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom and other destinations. In Sharm's marina, there are not only private sailboats and yachts, but also cruises and ferries that can take you to Aqaba and Hurghada. International Fast Ferries offers fast boats to Hurghada on the mainland coast of the Red Sea four times a week. Travel time is 1.5 hours for the price of 250 round trip and 450 LE round trip. Please note that the trip is infamously rugged and is subject to cancellations.

If you decide to drive to Sharm el-Sheikh, you can start from Eilat, Israel and drive along the east coast, through Nuweiba and Dahab. Another option is to drive along the western coast from the capital city of Cairo. Daily buses are offered for both routes. From Cairo, if you take a bus east of the Delta, your travel time would be around eight hours (80 LE); in a luxury coach, it takes 6 hours in the region. When traveling from Cairo by bus, have your passport and ticket handy, as you will pass through several checkpoints. The trip is pleasant with a magnificent landscape, all the way through the route.

In Sharm, you can travel by taxi. Taxis are generally modern, either Chevrolet or Hyundai. Prepare to demand that the taxi use your meter; It is the law in Sharm. You can also take a small bus, which is a blue and white tuk-tuk fleet, which is a less expensive form of transportation than taxis. To get on a tuk-tuk just wait on the side of the main street and raise your hand to stop it when you approach. A single rate to anywhere in Sharm will be approximately 20 LE.


Many hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh, especially in the Na & # 39; area Loves Bay, they accommodate tourists from vacation packages. There are all-inclusive hotels from three to six stars, refined facilities and some budget accommodations. Sharm is a well developed area, and it looks more like a European resort than an Egyptian one. While anyone can spend a lot here, Sharm el-Shakh remains, for many Europeans, a relatively cheap vacation alternative to expensive beach resorts in other parts of Europe.

Some hotels are quite far from Na & # 39; He loves Bay, so he must pay a taxi for every trip to Na & # 39; love However, the taxi is not that expensive from most hotels. In Na & # 39; loves Bay, hotels are often found across a pedestrian street; This can interfere a little with privacy, especially when using a hotel pool.

If you are looking for affordable luxury, visit the Renaissance hotel, the Hilton waterfalls and the Concorde el Salaam. If you prefer a luxurious stay, Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh, Grand Rotana Resort & Spa, Maritim Royal Peninsula Hotel & Resort, Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton are among your options.