The fun weather in Coonoor

Coonoor is located in the state of Tamil Nadu and is considered one of the most famous hill stations in the Nilgiri hills. It is a stop for fashion travelers due to its stunning views of the green emerald hills of Nilgiri. It is identified by its tea states and plantations also because the surroundings are extremely favorable for producing exceptional tea. In reality, the climate in Coonoor has helped produce tea plants in large numbers, thus contributing to both the agricultural economy and tourism purposes.

Coonoor is pleasant throughout the year and regardless of the time of your visit. The summer season falls between the months of March to May, when the temperature juggles between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. This is the most pleasant time for tourists to visit. It was soon followed by the monsoon that begins in June and extends until September. From the first week of June the touch of rain begins. Mild to medium rainfall is recorded. The surroundings also get wet during this particular season. It is also a relief from the summer heat that calms thirsty souls.

Monsoon differs from small to medium rainfall, which makes the atmosphere tremendously humid. For the period of this time, the green landscapes of Coonoor are much more attractive than in any other period of the year. A monsoon usually lasts until the end of September. Coonoor conditions change after the last part of the monsoon for winter and this period remains until February. Winter is not extremely cold and the temperature can show a discrepancy of 10 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, people who are crazy about winters can visit this beautiful mountain season sometime in the months of December and January. Overall, the pleasant climatic conditions of Coonoor are not limited to specific moths, you can rest and admire the charming beauty of Coonoor throughout the year. If you are preparing to move forward in December, you will be lucky to visit the annual "Fruit Show" held at Sim & # 39; s Park. Therefore, the climate in Coonoor under no circumstances proves to be fatal for visitors who spend an orderly sum to plan their tours. If you are really perplexed about your travels, Coonoor will not disappoint you at any time.