Lanzarote Villas – An exceptional alternative to the vacation accommodation package

When the time comes to start thinking about booking your annual vacation, you think about the destination a lot, but what about the vacation accommodation options? Obviously, if you are booking pre-packaged vacations, of course, you are restricted to the option of the brochure for the most part, but many tourists now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of building their own vacation packages.

Naturally, this opens up a completely new range of accommodation options, especially in popular holiday destinations such as Lanzarote, for example, which is well prepared for the independent tourist and has a selection of private villas and apartments in Lanzarote that is unrivaled.

The prices of the villas in Lanzarote are exceptionally affordable when you start to dig a little deeper, since in most cases there are no occupancy charges, so you can choose a larger accommodation if you do (and often at comparative prices ). And you will not be restricted to any member of your party having to sleep in a folding bed in the living room either. Let's face it, it's your vacation, so why endure the discomfort just because the tour package company is trying to squeeze every cent of your customers?

Similarly, the location of many of the private villas on the island does not revolve around access considerations, so you do not necessarily have to choose one that is on the transfer bus route from the airport. Of course, you can stay in the complex of your choice, but in a much quieter environment, away from the hustle and bustle that is synonymous with the most central locations.

Personally, I find that there is nothing more pleasant than finding a good restaurant for dinner and then enjoying a pleasant night walk back to a warm and welcoming villa.

A great advantage is that the money you will probably save on accommodation will be used to pay for a rental car during your stay. Car rental in Lanzarote is incredibly cheap (and can stay that way for a long time), which means you could even go further and rent a very reasonable rural villa in the heart of the Lanzarote countryside, where you could enjoy total privacy and Isolation if you really want to relax and relax.

There is another additional advantage of having access to your own transportation too. Lanzarote has a lot of outstanding beaches to enjoy, which are very popular, such as Papagayo and Famara. And you can also tour the island and visit the many museums and incredible creations of Cesar Manrique. If you don't know who it is, take a look at the Internet before your arrival, as this will help you add a new dimension to your vacation on the island and help you understand why you're still such a virgin.

The prices of villas in Lanzarote, of course, will depend on the location chosen as well as the style and size of the villa you rent. Similarly, Lanzarote villas with swimming pools are also a bit more expensive, but that's to be expected.

If you have never rented a villa in Lanzarote before, you will be pleasantly surprised not only by the high standards of decoration, but also by the level of services in each villa, even in lower priced accommodations. This is mainly due to the fact that many of the villa owners use the villas several times throughout the year.

Of course, choosing which resort or area to stay in will be reduced to your own vacation preferences, but two popular resorts on the island if you are considering renting a private villa are Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen. Villas in Playa Blanca tend to be the most reasonable from a price perspective that currently starts at around € 450 or so per week if you are careful with your budget. But for a little more (around € 150 additional per week) you will find that the villas in Puerto del Carmen are generally better built and are more spacious as well.

Being independent will give you great additional purchasing power instead of booking vacation packages, and the availability of flights to Lanzarote is excellent, but if you decide to book your own villa in Lanzarote it is not for you and still decide to follow the package route On vacation, Lanzarote will continue to be a holiday to remember, and I am sure you will also return for another holiday.