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A massive malware attack by TrendMicro’s security analytics team has enabled thousands of people around the world to create a sophisticated network of cryptocurrencies. TrendMicro’s latest blog details the recently discovered but unreasonable version, which says the new version “could take over the system to extract Monero cryptocurrencies and steal sensitive browser data such as passwords and cookies.”

This Glupteba malware feature exploits the well-known security breach in MicroTik routers to replace the target SOCKS proxy machine. This allows an attacker to be exposed to common spam attempts that could endanger Instagram users. According to the TrendMicro team, the infection has an operating system.

The use of sophisticated hacker technology in the blockchain ecosystem is not new. New technologies, such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain, are facing new challenges that must be constantly overcome.

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Blockchain technology is now entering an era of transformation – the launch of the Bitcoin network in 2009 was the first iteration of Blockchain technology, but the same solutions that worked ten years ago will not work today. Scalability, security, and transaction throughput are important issues that need to be addressed before the blockchain ecosystem can be developed.

ILCoin’s RIFT protocol represents the next step towards a truly decentralized future that solves each of these problems through a unique approach to blockchain technology. To provide blockchain networks for storing blocks and information, RIFT launches blockchain technology and forms the basis for the next generation of decentralized platforms.

RIFT is a protocol designed to create endless blockchain capabilities. RIFT not only provides advanced use cases and functionality for cryptocurrency applications, but also installs a system that integrates blockchain technology into everyday life. The next version of the RIFT blockchain will allow the platform to reduce security risks while solving important problems such as cost, size reduction, speed, privacy and data storage on the network.

In the era of evolution, right evolution
Products, services, and platforms that attempt to use blockchain technology are currently prohibited by a number of restrictions that prevent blockchain integration, such as increasing the speed of modern blockchain networks, slow transaction times, or the inability to store large amounts of data. Over time, various solutions have been proposed to solve these problems, but some of them are effective.

Many enterprises have chosen offline data storage due to the risk of hacking third-party data. Others resort to hybrid solutions, such as IPFS, which currently do not have enterprise-level functionality. However, the main advantages of the RIFT ILCoin protocol are based on the fundamental principle of blockchain technology. The RIFT protocol draws the fractal principles of blocking the architecture, creating the second level of “mini-blocks”, which greatly expands the possibilities of data storage.

Using the RIFT communication protocol, blockchain networks can significantly speed up transaction time and safely store data on the network through a unique block socket structure. Data protection in the RIFT protocol is guaranteed, since all transmitted or stored data is fully encrypted.

The main achievement of RIFT is the use of “mini-blocks” for storing large amounts of network data. Each RIFT mini-block size is set to 25 MB, which contains blocks per layer. The ILCoin development team has tested the 1.5 GB block size pretty well, and recently they also successfully tested a 5 GB block.

The RIFT protocol is synchronized asynchronously with the mini-block. Mini blocks have tooltips for other mini blocks. This communication structure allows nodes to synchronize with each other decentrally. The RIFT protocol fundamentally changes the way data is managed in blockchain networks, allowing them to be stored in an integrated database.

The possibilities are endless
The RIFT protocol allows us to substantially reformulate how blockchain technology is used both in corporate applications and in everyday life. The RIFT protocol was not designed for simple transactional operations, but should be part of various “solutions” or enterprise systems such as ILCoin decentralized cloud block chain (DCB).

ILCoin Decentralized Cloud Blockchain (DCB) is a new approach to managing blockchain networks and data storage. Modern blockchain networks

Go where the exotic beaches are

The beach is always the favorite destination of all travelers. Going to the beach completes your itinerary and a list of reasons to travel to a particular destination. It is the most important element in a trip that everyone wants. Then, when an opportunity arises, you can go to exotic beaches outside your country by booking cheap flights to countries where you can find the best beaches.

The following are some of the best beaches in the world you can go to:

  • Flamenco Beach is located on the Culebra Island of Puerto Rico. The beach is surrounded by white sand. There is also a tropical forest located a little further from the coast. You can appreciate nature even with the presence of turtles wandering around or enjoying the waters.
  • Playa Tamarindo is located in Costa Rica. It is ideal for adventurous travelers who want to explore the nearby jungle.
  • The Baths is located in the British Virgin Islands. Travel agents will inform you that the beach is perfect for snorkeling and diving.
  • Copacabana is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is one of the party capitals of the world. You can enjoy your stay in Copacabana due to the many recreational activities in which you can participate.
  • Flic en Flac is a small town that has white sand beaches and a blue lagoon for nature lovers and beach lovers. This beach is located in Mauritius.
  • Olu Deniz is located in Turkey. This beach has crystal clear waters and an interior bay that can be accessed by a ten-minute walk.
  • Cocoa Island is located in Maldives. You can find marine animals such as lionfish, turtles and rays.
  • Patong Beach is a popular beach in Phuket, Thailand. This is one of the best dive sites in the world.
  • Ela Fonisi is located in Crete. This is where you can find a magnificent diversity of marine animals.
  • Playa den Bossa is only 2 hours away from the United Kingdom. You will enjoy the long stretch of white sand beach and crystal clear waters. There are also bars offering refreshing cocktails.
  • Varadero is located in Cuba. This beach has many recreational activities for travelers such as water sports.

With a handful of exotic and popular beaches to choose from, there would be no reason why you should not book cheap flights. Be one with nature while exploring the blue waters, beautiful lagoons, breathtaking views of corals, mysterious jungles and incredible forests. Your travel agents will help you prepare your itinerary that will include a visit to these amazing beaches. Make your vacation truly memorable.

Eco-tourism on the island of Bintan, Indonesia!

Bintan Island is famous for ecotourism. It is an amazing destination with beautiful beaches and wonders of nature. It has its own historical significance to be a major commercial port in the Southeast Asian region during the 16th century. If you take your flights to Indonesia, this is the perfect place to learn Indonesian culture, which is an exciting and educational experience. This island has everything you may want to see during your vacation. It is the largest of 3,200 islands in the Riau archipelago and the third largest of the country's 27 provinces. The island has a cultural mix of Malays, bugis, Chinese and a unique tribe called Orang Laut.

Bintan Elephant Park: this is the perfect place to have a wonderful opportunity to approach these gentle giants. It is home to seven Sumatran elephants. Your flights to Indonesia give you the opportunity for an interactive adventure. One can take an elephant ride through the forest or feed an elephant, or just sit and watch an elephant show that will allow you to observe its varied diet and eating habits. A tour of this place will educate you about its characteristics, food source, lifestyle habits and group behavior. Elephants here are well trained to perform different pranks, such as going around perfectly, swimming and dancing, etc.

Shopping on Bintan Island: although there are no large shopping centers, one can get unique souvenirs and great discounts on this captivating island. Here you can buy beautiful Indonesian handicrafts easily at reduced prices. After taking your cheap flights to Indonesia, you will find many places on Bintan Island for shopping, including; Bintan Ferry Terminal, Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Uban, Pass Oleh Oleh, The Real Bandung Factory Outlet and Pujasera Shopping & Market.

Nightlife on the island of Bintan: despite being a quiet and small island, Bintan offers many options to enjoy at night, but is limited to pubs and bars in larger hotels and resorts. The most popular night spots to those who prefer to go to Indonesia from the United Kingdom or other foreign countries are; Calypso Bar, The Pub and La Luna. As the night falls, there are many trapeze shows, dancing where all guests can join the dance and enjoy, fashion shows, etc. Travelers with like-minded ideas, locals and future friends will find lots of fun there. One can go to other activities on this island, such as adventure sports or attend events or festivals held there.

Diving in the Philippines on a low budget

Diving in the Philippines offers some of the best dive sites in the world and can be done on a limited budget if you go at the right time of the year.

There are not many places in the world where you can do 2 dives for less than $ 40, but the Philippines offers many places where this is possible, and if you have your own diving equipment and dive more than 5 times, you could even lower the price.

My two favorites while I was there were Puerto Galera and Cebu-Bohol. Both dive areas are very easy to find. For Puerto Galera, I used local buses and a local ferry, a cheap and easy trip from the city of Angeles, where the Clark Air base is located, and even easier from Manila. Getting to Cebu-Bohol was equally easy and cheap with some regional airlines such as Cebu Pacific and the Philippine national airline, Philippines Air that offers many cheap flights from Manila or Clark.

Diving in Puerto Galera was a real pleasure to see numerous species of butterflies, including tears, tears of saddles and many different noses, such as orange nose, blue nose and humpback nose. There were also a lot of angel fish, including everyone's favorite, the real one and some great pipas and nudibrachs. Puerto Galera also has some wreck diving, with 3 possible wrecks in a dive at Sabang beach. These remains are shallow enough so that open water divers can swim around them without an advanced open water card or a specialty diving qualification.

Cebu is one of the largest islands in the Philippines. Bohol is linked to Cebu by a bridge. The beach of Alona is located in Bohol, and is the main starting point for Balicasag, which is where the best diving is located, about 25 minutes by boat in the local catamarans of Alona Beach. Land dives are also possible outside Alona beach. I was rewarded with a sea snake and a lot of school catfish, as well as a very beautiful pipefish when I first arrived, and did a free snorkeling and snorkeling excursion. It also took about 10 minutes to swim from the beach and went down more than 40 meters. The main place for divers who go to Cebu-Bohol is Balicasag Island, which is a marine park, while I was there we had strong winds, so we were on the leeward side for two days of action on the wall that was great ! The highlight of the trip was to swim directly in a large group of tunas in 40 meters of water, which swim close enough so that I can see all the beautiful coloring. Balicasag Island also had some different types of nudibrachs that were beautiful enough to contemplate in their scandalous fluorescent color schemes. There are also some really good shallow reefs that contained at least 4 different types of clown fish, finding Nemo here is very easy

For all our dives in the Philippines we had local dive masters. I should point out that they were not very good at the briefings, and I found it a bit disconcerting not to get a safety report for the ship, especially when lifeguards were not in sight. English was the language spoken mainly in the diving boats that I dived into. Overall, I will go back and dive there, as it is a great value in the off season.

Cheap and fun family vacation destinations in the US UU. – Unique and affordable ideas

The Cedar Breaks National Monument, located in the Dixie National Forest in southwest Utah, is a great place to camp with the family without breaking the family vacation budget. The place is very beautiful and cheap too. This region is popular for valleys, plateaus, rivers and cliffs. In summer, the lush green alpine meadows and the beautiful spectacles of wild flowers attract everyone. This natural landmark offers many facilities such as fishing, boating, hiking, cycling, wildlife watching or discovering the place with its camera. The Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau can guide you to plan your tour, making it friendly and economical for children.

Another idea for your family vacation to be fun in an economical way is to use the facilities provided by the RV Industry Association. You can rent a motor from El Monte RV to travel with children. You can carry everything you need during the trip, as the company's engine is lustful like a big house on wheels. You can stop where you want. This gives a sense of adventure. It is not necessary to pay air tickets, stay in motels in poor condition and expensive hotels. You can prepare your meals and enjoy them on board, and avoid spending on expensive foods.

Fort Collins, located in northern Colorado with the beautiful mountains of Colorado in the background, is a wonderful and quite reasonable place for family vacations. Fort Collins has hundreds of miles of bike paths and nature trails ideal for biking and picnicking. There are many family activities to do in northern Colorado. Poudre Canyon is known for picnic, hiking and cycling. In addition, there is Westville Zoo; Gardens in Spring Creek; Paths of the greenway; and Bee Family Centennial Farm, an interactive museum where you can learn about agriculture in the past and present.

Fort Collins has many parks that cover more than 800 acres of dedicated area, in addition to the easily accessible playground in the new Spring Canyon Park. Other attractions include Science by-way: Cache La Poudre / North Park Scenic Byway, Old Town Square, live music concerts, the Fort Collins Museum and the Environmental Learning Center, where you can watch rehabilitated birds, walk the nature trails or participate in the stream. educational activities All these unique ideas can make your family vacation fun and cheap.

Five great train trips around the US UU.

The large and bright Amtrak trains travel to all major US cities. UU. And they cross some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country. Its robust charm distinguishes them from the most mundane means of transport and, although this may not be the fastest way to get around, the pace is perfect for sightseeing. You can choose your classmates, read a book, let your thoughts develop, sleep horizontally and, in general, enjoy most of the comforts of home. It's much more fun than being isolated on clouds or going through endless billboards.

Amtrak operates almost all passenger trains in the United States and the following are among the most pleasant panoramic routes:

The California Zephyr is one of the best trains in the world, which goes from Chicago to San Francisco through the heart of America and the high plains of Colorado, and then climbs the Rocky Mountains through the Oregon Trail. The pioneers came here, as did the gold diggers, the pony express and the first continental telegraph. After Salt Lake City, cross Bonneville Salt Flats and the beautiful but dangerous Sierra Nevada.

The epic journey of The Sunset Limited takes you from coast to coast from New Orleans to Los Angeles. The train dizzily crosses the Mississippi River along the Huey P Long Bridge in Crescent City before traveling between swamps, white herons, alligators, mansions and sugar cane fields. After San Antonio it joins the Rio Grande, and it takes a day to cross the prairie of artemis and mesquite from Texas.

The Chief of the Southwest travels between Chicago and the Pacific, following part of the Santa Fe trail used for the first time by Native Americans, Spanish conquerors, wagons and coaches. Cross the Mojave Desert and pass the famous Boot Hill Cemetery in Dodge City. From Williams in Arizona you can travel to the Grand Canyon by train.

The Crescent goes from New York to New Orleans through the Blue Ridge Mountains and the idyllic Shenandoah National Park with its dogwoods and cedars. Beyond Atlanta, there are sleepy southern towns with quaint general stores and sun-bleached houses. The train also makes a dramatic crossing of Lake Pontchartrain, brushing a few meters above the water on a six-mile driveway.

Coast Starlight operates between Seattle and Los Angeles through Washington, Oregon and California. Pass through some of the highest mountains in America, such as the Hood Mt volcano, as well as the emerald forests and waterfalls of the Twin Peaks country. Beyond San Luis Obispo runs on tracks located high on the cliffs, with splendid views of the waves and beaches of the Pacific.

Free swimming at Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO

Boulder Creek is a 50-kilometer (31.4-mile) long stream that drains the Rocky Mountains west of Boulder, Colorado, as well as the city and surrounding plains. The creek is made up of two main tributaries that rise along the Continental Division: North and Middle Boulder Creek. From its origin at the junction of the North and Middle Boulder streams, Boulder Creek flows through the Boulder Canyon and crosses the center of Boulder. At the east end of the city, the stream receives South Boulder Creek, which rises on the Rogers Pass on Continental Divide, just south of the Moffat tunnel.


Swimming in Boulder Creek requires nothing more than a free spirit and a swimsuit. Unlike other activities such as tubing or kayaking, swimming can be done anywhere there is water. As expected, the creek is too shallow in some places and deep enough to swim in others. The water of the stream comes from the melting of glaciers in the mountains, so be careful, the water is very cold throughout the year. In addition, the best time to swim is in the spring and summer, because a) it is a warmer climate, so it is more pleasant to swim and b) the water of the glaciers melts after winter, so the level of Water will increase be high. These are the approximate locations of some of the best places to swim:

  • 40271 Colorado 119, Boulder, CO 80302 or 40.014148, -105.300116: This large swimming pool is a part of the creek that is a little north of Boulder. This is usually where the tubers begin their journey through the creek. This area lasts approximately 70 yards or so and there are areas on the sides of the stream where you can picnic or barbecue.
  • 1345 28th St, Boulder, CO 80302 or 40.011736, -105.260423: This place for swimming is right next to the Millennium Harvest House, which is where the previous direction points. But what most interests people about this place is the Fish Observatory that is literally in the creek. As for swimming, children like to jump from the top of the observatory to the water below.
  • 1350-1354 28th Street Frontage Rd, Boulder, CO 80303 or 40.010852, -105.258358: This is the southernmost of the three recommended places to swim in Boulder Creek and is conveniently located just next to the previous place. This swimming area also has a strip of grass open for resting, tanning and even picnicking. As seen in the image above, this part of the stream has a mini waterfall that people like to jump into the water.

What are the tourist attractions in Abidjan?

Abidjan is often referred to as the "Paris of West Africa". You can enjoy activities both indoors and outdoors there. It is a vibrant city. Tourists who take flights to Abidjan enjoy their visit to the heart of the country. Although it has many attractive places, but some places of interest are;

Treichville: it is the best place to enjoy a meeting. It is a complex that includes bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes. A lot of visitors, especially Europeans, fall in love with this bright place. They frequently book cheap flights to Abidjan from the UK to visit this attractive place. These flights are reserved with any reliable trip. This place is known as the center of nightlife. You can also find some of the best hotel deals there.

National Museum: this museum is one of the best known museums in the world. The museum is open for visitors throughout the week, except holidays. Its construction is so attractive that one who flies to Abidjan can recognize it from far away. The embassy is now working with museum experts to exhibit traditional Ivorian musical instruments, some of them two hundred years old. It will improve the beauty and importance of the museum. The exhibits you can see after taking Abidjan flights, currently available with the museum include; A collection of historical artifacts, statues and, of course, ivory. The best way to remember your visit to this museum is to take a camera with you and take some photos there.

The Pleatue: it is a district of Abidjan with a lot of shops and parks. This is a place that is especially favored by business travelers. It is located near the church of San Juan and Paul's cathedral and government buildings. Visitors taking flights to Abidjan from the Ivory Coast of the United Kingdom love going to the city. The most attractive are its wonderful mountains with glass vapors that cascade in tropical paradises.

Places of interest can be enjoyed only if your route is safer, and for your route to be safer, you must be very careful. First, carefully select the risk-free places. Then, always take care of yourself and your companions throughout the trip. The first thing is to carefully book your flights. Book with an authentic travel company, for example, you can book flights to Abidjan from the UK

Grand Canyon Bus Tours can add an exciting twist to your Las Vegas vacation

An excursion to the Grand Canyon is an exciting twist on any Las Vegas vacation, and bus tours provide an excellent way to experience this glorious region. More than five million people are attracted to the National Park annually, and many of them do not like to fly or have a limited budget. Fortunately, these travelers can take one of the many bus trips available.

The fabulous Vegas Strip is the starting point for most coach tours of the Grand Canyon. They usually offer free pick-up and drop-off service for passengers staying at Vegas Strip hotels. This is an excellent benefit, because traffic can be unpleasant in Las Vegas and letting someone else drive can avoid a lot of stress. Do not worry if your hotel is not on the Strip, you can always take a taxi to the designated pick-up location.

You will see some incredible places during your coach tour through the Grand Canyon. The closest edge to Las Vegas is the West Rim, about 120 miles away. There you will have wonderful views of the Colorado River, Eagle Point and Guano Point, among other highlights. The Grand Canyon Skywalk (the "Crystal Bridge") is also located in the West Rim and gives canyon visitors the opportunity to walk 70 feet beyond the edge. If you want to experience this unique emotion, add a Skywalk pass to your tour package. You will save money by including your pass in your tour instead of buying it after arriving at the park.

Grand Canyon buses can also take you to the South Rim, more than 275 miles from Las Vegas. The journey takes 5 hours and a half in each direction, but it is a time well spent. You will see the same views of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead that you would see on a tour of West Rim, but then head to the Kaibab Plateau of northern Arizona. After arriving at the park, you will see Grand Canyon Village (the location of Hotel El Tovar and the Bright Angel Lodge) along with several key lookouts such as Mather Point.

Personally, I think one of the best things about Grand Canyon bus tours is that they include everything, they include everything you'll need to really enjoy the experience. In addition to the pick-up and drop-off service at the Strip hotel that I mentioned earlier, your bus tour will include lunch. If you prefer to eat at one of the restaurants or bars in West Rim or South Rim, prices are reasonable.

Your tour will last all day, no matter what edge you visit. The trip from Las Vegas to the West Rim takes 2 and a half hours. On the southern edge, the trip lasts 5 hours and will not return to the Strip until 9:00 p.m. Do not make any show or dinner reservation for that night. You will be too tired to do much, even if you return on time. Believe me, you will sleep like a rock after this trip!

The Grand Canyon trainers give you a great way to see the canyon with your friends and family. The helicopters only have capacity for 6 and 19 planes, but you probably won't know everyone on the plane. The Grand Canyon trainers are different: they can handle large groups of people traveling together. They are also comfortable. These are luxury coaches with reclining seats, personal climate controls, plasma televisions, food trays and a bathroom on board. If that sounds good, see you on the road from Las Vegas to the canyon, because bus tours are the way to go!

A regional city in the far north of Queensland, Australia

Several famous cities and places in Australia have their own unique norms, values, culture and traditions, which are quite similar to each other, but there are also some important differences that differentiate these cities from each other. Like many famous cities in Australia, Cairns is also a very popular destination and is quite popular throughout Australia. While traveling to Australia, you can find many people enjoying their air travel with you during their trip that will visit this city through their cheap flights to Cairns. Travel and tourism are considered the largest source of income in this region, closely followed by the sugar industry. This important contribution is a reflection of this fact of how much support is provided to the economy of the city through this tourism industry.

There are many things or attractions that act as a key source of enjoyment and recreation when it comes to travelers and tourism in the city. Some of the main famous places and family parks in this beautiful city that are considered the beauty of the city and for which cheap flights from Cairns are required are the following;

Rainy afforestation natural park
Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park
Kuranda Skyrail Rainforest Cable Car
World Heritage Jungle

These various parks and attractions take advantage of the natural environment of the city and give it a surprising appearance. If you had the opportunity to see the city from a higher altitude position like any hill or a long-floor building, you will realize how beautiful this city looks green from the top forming a habitat of natural resources and Scenic beauty. You can see how many cheap flights to Cairns. The world lands at the international airport in this beautiful place.

The location of the city is quite excellent since the city is located on the east coast of the Cape York peninsula, which is considered a coastal strip between the Coral Sea and the Great Divider Range. Similarly, there are some other beauties in the northern part of the city, since from the northern part the city is between Trinity Bay and the city center that is located at the entrance of Trinity. Some flood plains are also part of the city's suburbs. The two main rivers flow into the city named the Mulgrave River and the Barron River. Due to its perfect location, the city has become an important tourist attraction for which several cheap flights to Cairns are requested.